Apr 03, 2018

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Advocates for Water Project Funding

Sen. Rubio urged USACE to consider funding Florida water projects in the fiscal year 2018 through funds obtained in the recent spending bill

Florida advocates for flood control funding

Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio has urged the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to prioritize Florida water projects. The republican senator sent a letter to Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works R.D. James referencing the recent budget bill, which includes $1.4 billion for water infrastructure funding. Sen. Rubio called on USACE to assure Florida water projects receive a share of the funding for water projects addressing pollution, flood control, ecosystem restoration, water management and coastal resilience, according to The Tampa Bay Times.

The letter lists 22 congressionally authorized water projects in need of federal assistance ranging from flood control to watershed restoration. Notable projects in the letter include, Florida Keys water quality improvements, Herbert Hoover Dike improvements, Palm Beach erosion control, and watershed restoration and protection in the Everglades.

“These projects prevent flooding in our communities, protect vital drinking water and irrigation sources, bolster economic growth and prosperity, and conserve and restore unique aquatic ecosystems in our state, including America’s Everglades,” Rubio said.