Apr 09, 2013

Liquid Handling Manufacturers Unite To Provide Watertight Solutions

Rain for Rent and Portadam partnership in temporary liquid handling and portable cofferdam solutions

In a partnership dedicated to temporary cofferdam dewatering on a wide variety of jobsites, including construction, remediation, rehabilitation, flood protection and in-water inspection, Rain for Rent and Portadam have merged to deliver optimal performance and efficiency.

Rain for Rent addresses liquid handling challenges, both planned and unplanned, across multiple industries with services and products like pumps, tanks, filtration, pipe and spillguards.

Portadam is a temporary cofferdam, water diversion or fluid retention system for use in open water up to 12 ft deep. With a freestanding structure that adapts to almost any environment, its non-invasive properties make it an environmentally attractive option that delivers dry conditions without the need for costly excavation, fill or equipment.