Mar 14, 2014

Making the Grade: How to Fix America's Failing Water Infrastructure

Columbia Water Center (CWC) will be hosting a live webinar entitled, “Making the Grade: How to Fix America's Failing Water Infrastructure,” March 21, from 2:30-4 p.m. Experts from various fields will address solutions to America's aging water infrastructure during the webinar, which is cosponsored by the U.S. Water Partnership. The live webinar will feature an introduction by the Columbia Water Center, a short video about the America's Water initiative led by the Columbia Water Center and a panel discussion moderated by Dan Bena, PepsiCo Sustainable Development executive, who will also discuss the human right to water and building public-private partnerships.

Panel discussion participants and topics will include:

  • CWC Director, Upmanu Lall, and researchers, Tess Russo and Katherine Alfredo: Challenges of Climate and Aging Infrastructure, the State of America's Water, Radical Ideas for Improving Urban Infrastructure and Water Allocation
  • Alan Roberson, American Water Works Assn.: Financial and Regulatory Opportunities
  • William Becker, vice president and corporate drinking water practice leader at Hazen and Sawyer: Potable Water Reuse Strategies: Can We Revolutionize the Current Water/Wastewater System Paradigm?
  • Laurent Auguste, director of innovation and markets at Veolia Environment: Management Dynamics for Creating Value from Innovation to Deliver Performance on Environmental and Technological Services
  • Gretchen McClain, former CEO of Xylem Inc.: Mapping Out Technology Frontiers and Innovation Possibilities