Jan 07, 2016

Media Approved for Use in Washington State

Washington State Department of Ecology bestows General Use Level Designation on Contech’s PhosphoSorb media

Contech Engineered Solutions has announced that the Stormwater Management StormFilter with PhosphoSorb media has achieved a General Use Level Designation (GULD) for basic (TSS) and phosphorus treatment from Washington State Department of Ecology.

The StormFilter was the first technology to receive a GULD for basic treatment using ZPG media. The PhosphoSorb media has been researched and engineered by Contech to achieve the highest phosphorus removal from a proprietary system in Washington State’s field evaluation program.  

“Contech is excited to announce another field-proven phosphorus treatment solution that can provide the highest protection to the nation’s most sensitive waters,” said Michael Hunter, vice president of Stormwater Product Management. 

The StormFilter with PhosphoSorb media operating at a specific flow rate of 1.67 gpm/sq ft was able to treat 96% of the runoff volume with a 75% phosphorus load reduction.