Sep 25, 2020

Multi-Barrier Filtration System Offers Algae Bloom Solution

Multi-barrier filtration system offers algae bloom solution

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The news is filled with incidence of algae blooms in lakes and ponds, such as the past drinking water issue in Toledo. Harmsco Filtration Products offers a solution to the ever increasing blue-algae blooms in water sources. A multi-barrier approach is necessary to physically remove intact (algae and cyanobacteria) before they rupture in the treatment process and then remove extracellular cyanobacteria through adsorption.

Harmsco offers a 2-stage system approach to accomplish this multi-barrier requirement. A pre-filter to remove the intact algae includes filtration media with Silver Zeolite incorporate in the media, which will inhibit continued algae growth on the filter cartridge.

A final filter with activated carbon adsorbs any remaining metabolites, such as taste and odor compounds and cyanotoxins. Applications include drinking water, irrigation, livestock drinking water and state parks.

Features include:

  • A pre-filter that contains silver zeolite technology to protect filter media;
  • Anti-microbial media to inhibit continued algae growth on the filter cartridge;
  • Anti-microbial media for easy cleaning for extended use; and
  • Activated carbon to remove extra-cellular cyanotoxins.

Algae Advisory:

If large amount of green scum are visible in the water, it is advisable to take the following precautions:

  • Avoid swimming or other contact with the water;
  • Do not drink the water (boiling or chlorination will not make the water safe);
  • Prevent pets or livestock from drinking the water, as this could be fatal to animals; and
  • Do not eat fish that appear unhealthy.

Blue-green algae can cause illness, such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, eye and skin irritation. 

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