Jan 25, 2017

Movable Barrier Floodwall System Aids in Flood Control

System adapts to environment to prevent flooding

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RSA Protective Technologies LLC developed the Movable Barrier Floodwall System (MBFS) to prevent flooding for municipalities, federal projects, shorelines, private housing and more.  

The MBFS is a custom-designed series of concrete floodwalls placed underground inside a trenched concrete U-channel. A variety of powered systems raise the floodwall above grade to prevent flooding. After the flood, the floodwalls are lowered back underground where the system remains “invisible.” The scope of the system ranges from a closure unit to miles of flood protection. Based on Finite Element Analysis, the systems can be designed against hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and impact loading up to a Category-5 hurricane.

The MBFS is designed for flood heights from 3 to 20 ft. The depths of the foundations are 1.8 times the height. A 5-ft rise utilizes a 9-ft foundation. Each floodwall is produced as a single molded concrete element with inserts, voids, vertical guides, post tension rods and other required constructs. The foundation is produced as a cast-in-place U-channel through a series of custom supplied forms with inserts, vertical guides and other required constructs.

Additional elements include horizontal and vertical water seals, a drive over top and spring-loaded up-locks, which can suspend the floodwalls in their raised position if the powered system fails. An internal powered sparger drainpipe mounted along the bottom of the foundation discharges any leakage from inside the system. The pump empties faster than the leakage so there is zero leakage on the dry side.

The system design also utilizes a drain on the secure side that is plumbed into the foundation and pumped out through the sparger to prevent ponding on the dry side. The system design allows for changes in contiguous floodwall heights, turning corners, changes in elevation, and utility pass through.

Geotech analysis has developed a variety of extra foundation elements, such as cut off walls, batter piles, foundation heels and toes to assure long term stability. RSA supplies the custom design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, installation, commissioning and O&M oversight for each application. RSA partners with Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE) as Engineers of Record. MRCE custom develops the required foundation for each system.