Jul 25, 2016

National Concrete Pipe Week Begins August 14

The event recognizes reinforced concrete pipe, precast concrete products

National Concrete Pipe Week, NCPW, dates

National Concrete Pipe Week announced its theme: “Concrete Pipe and Precast: Maintaining Resiliency.” Held Aug. 14 to 20, the event recognizes the importance of reinforced concrete pipe and precast concrete products. The contributions of thousands of workers, hundreds of manufacturing plants and other industries that support concrete pipe producers will be acknowledged during the week-long celebration.

The 2015 National Concrete Pipe Week was proclaimed by 28% of U.S. states representing approximately 25% of the U.S. population. The event focused on educating communities and their leaders about resilient buried infrastructure and precast manufacturers. It included open houses at concrete pipe production facilities, plant tours, photo-ops of the signing of proclamations and employee appreciation activities.

“Over three centuries, concrete pipe has been the product of choice used in North America’s vast network of sewers and culverts, and yet most Americans don’t give these vital, ‘unseen’ structures a second thought,” said Matt Childs, president of the American Concrete Pipe Assn. (ACPA). “It’s understandable, given that our products have a 100-year service life. They’re easy to forget from one generation to the next.”

National Concrete Pipe Week recognizes the contributions of other industries to the production, transportation and installation of concrete pipe in the nation’s transportation system. The trucking industry, aggregate producers, cement producers, steel industry, contractors and transportation department professionals provide concretepipe.org the additional support that ensures concrete pipe remains an capital investment in the economic growth, development and stability of the nation.