Jun 07, 2013

NCSPA Project of the Year Quotes

Project of the Year Quotes

Southeast Culvert (Retention/Detention Project of the Year Winner)

“Using [corrugated steel pipe] for a cistern system is an interesting application. You are designing a water-tight end use employing a product that has allowable leakage rates. It requires the fabricator to adapt the manufacturing process as well as create a protocol that is acceptable to all involved parties for system testing. It goes well beyond typical storm drain applications.” – Mark McCord, Southeast Culvert

Contech Engineered Solutions (Rehabilitation Project of the Year Winner)

“Relining is a smart, cost-effective and accelerated solution for our country’s aging culverts, storm sewers and small to mid-span bridges. New techniques even provide for close-fit solutions to accommodate challenging hydraulic situations. Keeping our infrastructure safe and functioning with limited transportation budgets is crucial.”  - Hugh B. Mickel P.E., Vice President, Reline Technologies, Contech Engineered Solutions

Lane Enterprises (Structural Plate Project of the Year Winner)

“Lane Enterprises Inc. is proud to have received the structural plate project of the year award from the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association. The 96-in. diameter structural plate pipe at 165 ft deep proved to have the strength and flexibility necessary to solve the demanding problems posed by the mountainous terrain of the Coalfield Expressway in southern West Virginia. The 3/8-in. structural plate was the only standard production pipe product that could satisfy the site and load conditions while providing an economical culvert for this 863-ft-long structure.” – Patrick X. Collings, PE, President and General Manager, Lane Enterprises, Inc.

Metal Culverts Inc. (Corrugated Steel Pipe & Pipe Arch Project of the Year Winner)

“Metal Culverts Inc. is proud to have received the Corrugated Pipe and Pipe Arch Project of the year representing the corrugated steel pipe industry by expanding its product line to include heavy gauge polymer coated galvanized steel pipe in diameters up to 144 in..

Southwestern Illinois College required a solution that provided a 100-year project life as well as an economical installation.  The 80-ft run of 114-in. diameter arched 8 gauge polymer coated galvanized steel pipe proved to be the best alternative.” – Ben W. Bielski, Jr. President, Metal Culverts Inc.

True North Steel (DOT Project of the Year Winner)

“We were pleased to provide a long term solution for this emergency repair project on Minnesota State Highway 210 near Duluth by utilizing all of the strengths of corrugated steel pipe.” – Keith Fraase, True North Steel