Sep 28, 2016

NDS Inc. Partners With Hydro BG

NDS now offers FILCOTEN trench drain

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NDS Inc. announced a new partnership with Hydro BG that adds the FILCOTEN brand of fiber-reinforced concrete trench drain to its product offerings. NDS will be the preferred provider of FILCOTEN trench drains in the U.S., which will be marketed as “FILCOTEN by NDS.”

FILCOTEN is a fiber-reinforced concrete trench drain system that is designed to handle heavy loads (up to Class E) in pre-sloped and neutral configurations. It is designed for heavy commercial applications, including airports, highways, rail stations, pedestrian road crossings and other transportation infrastructure, and industrial sites such as factories, warehouses and garages.

“With FILCOTEN, we are expanding the number of proven and flexible NDS alternatives to traditional concrete drains for civil engineers, specifiers and contractors,” said Mike Gummeson, president of NDS.

FILCOTEN has a high level of impact resistance that makes it less susceptible to cracking and breaking during transport and installation; is durable and resistant to changes in temperature and exposure to ultraviolet radiation; is non-flammable and non-combustible; and is made with 100% recyclable and no volatile organic compounds and no heavy metals.

NDS channel and trench drains include:

  • Micro channel drains are designed for residential applications, including swimming pools, spas and patios.
  • Mini channel drains are suitable for light-duty applications, including residential pools, concrete and paver patios, spas, and tennis courts.
  • Spee-D channel drains are suitable for commercial or residential applications and effective in locations from patios to light vehicular traffic areas.
  • Pro series channel drains offer a lightweight channel drain system with interlocking joints and modular design that offers flexibility and quick connections.
  • Dura slope trench drains offer a pre-sloped and neutral trench drain system for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal drainage needs.
  • FILCOTEN trench drains offer a fiber-reinforced, concrete trench drain system designed to handle heavy loads in pre-sloped and neutral configurations.

FILCOTEN by NDS trench drains are available in multiple sizes; rail choices include stainless steel, cast iron and galvanized steel. To view specification sheets, computer-assisted design details, product brochures and sell sheets, visit