Jun 26, 2020

Business News: 06/26/2020

The latest in storm water business news

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Contech Engineered Solutions Releases New Void Saver Stormwater Detention Technology

Contech Engineered Solutions recently released Void Saver, a new storm water detention configuration that increases the long term performance of underground detention systems by protecting stone backfill from sediment contamination.

“Stone void contamination is a major threat to the long term reliability of underground stormwater detention systems,” said Rob Chapman, Stormwater Detention Product Manager at Contech in the recent press release. “The Void Saver mitigates this risk while offering the same open access and easy maintenance of a standard CMP Detention systems.”

Keystone Hardscapes Strengthens Brand With CST

Keystone Hardscapes is aligning CST under its brand, according to a recent press release. 

“This transition will help landscape professionals secure more projects that produce greater profit while generating repeat business,” said Ed Fioroni, vice president of sales for Keystone Hardscapes. “We’re also part of The QUIKRETE Companies and its vast national distribution network, complementary product portfolio and technology resources, which really reinforces the value of rolling CST into Keystone Hardscapes.”

Contech Engineered Solutions Announces New Version of the Design Your Own Detention System Tool

Contech Engineered Solutions released the latest version of its industry-leading Design Your Own Detention System tool, an online program for designing storm water detention and infiltration systems. 

This is constructed with Contech corrugated metal pipe (CMP), according to the press release.

The free tool is available here

The release includes new functionality previously unavailable in a web-based storm water design tool, including:

  • A 2D/3D design environment with high resolution graphics including BIM model output
  • The ability to design to storage requirement or maximize storage given current footprint options
  • The ability to import a PDF site plan, design a system over a plan, and view the plan overlay in 2D
  • Flexibility to design non-rectangular systems, variable diameter systems, and systems that include both solid and perforated pipe
  • The ability to measure point-to-point and scale your system true to size
  • Instant access to customized, project specific drawings, and CAD files