New Comic Strip Addresses Storm Water Management Issues

Imbrium introduces Stormwater Steve

He’s a mild-mannered storm water engineer by day and, well, a mild-mannered storm water engineer by night too--introducing Stormwater Steve, an industry character created by Imbrium.The new comic strip offers a glimpse into the daily life of a storm water management engineer, Steve. A 15-year veteran of the industry, he must deal with the distractions of persistent sales reps, over-eager interns, a clueless boss and a self-absorbed mayor--all in the pursuit of the perfect best management practice (BMP). Stormwater Steve has yet to encounter a BMP that he could not improve.The Imbrium team created Stormwater Steve with a two-fold purpose: for comic relief within the industry and to address the issues facing storm water professionals every day. For this reason, the Stormwater Steve website also includes a forum for storm water professionals to provide comments as well as ideas for future episodes.Stormwater Steve is available on the Web and via free e-mail subscription. Visit to subscribe today.


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