Dec 26, 2016

NewTechBio Technology Corrects Algae-Infested Site

Solution needs to meet National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System requirements

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Savannah River Remediation LLC group evaluated 26 aquatic augmentation remediation technologies and selected NewTechBio's NT-MAX Lake and Pond Sludge Digester, a microbial-based beneficial bacteria, in conjunction with Hexa Armor/Rhombo cover manufactured by AWTT Inc., to correct deficiencies with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System requirements.

The system engineering evaluation was conducted to determine the best solution to the large algae colonies and high pH levels driving algae infestation. NewTechBio's NT-MAX Biological Lake and Pond Digester possesses the ability to consume and reduce excess phosphates and other fuels that promote algae growth, such as nitrate, nitrites and ammonia.

The Savannah River basin 281-8H has experienced a steady history of elevated pH levels, above 8.5, especially during the warmer months of the year, which has been attributed to the exponential growth of algae fueled by high phosphate levels, which occurs during the warm months of the year. Due to regulatory changes, a solution to the high pH had to be identified and implemented in order to ensure regulatory contractual compliance.

The constant blooming and dying of algae along with the accumulation of blown leaves and plant debris, various basin animal excrement and sediment from the storm water had developed substantial organic sludge and muck sediment build-up along the basin floor. The decaying organic matter provides an ongoing high nitrate and phosphate food source for the algae blooms. Algaecide and/or herbicide treatments were not viable treatment options per the group's evaluation criteria.

The beneficial bacteria in NT-MAX Lake and Pond Biological Digester was crucial to assuring markedly improved water clarity along with the breakdown of decomposing organic material such as animal, foul and fish waste—food sources for the algae and weed growth. Additionally, the NT-MAX microbial lake bioaugmentation additive has absolutely no detrimental effect on fish and other vertebrates.

Upon successful algae control and remediation, Savannah River Remediation LLC test results concluded that the combined sustainable technologies resulted in a significant drop in pH below the required NPDES limit and control of algae growth.

Features of NT-MAX Biological Lake and Pond Digester include:

  • Naturally eradicates excess algae and weed fuel sources, phosphates, nitrates and micronutrients;
  • Quickly improves clarity and visibility by reducing ammonia and nutrient overload;
  • Restores ecological balance by digesting bottom layers of sludge, muck and decomposing organic matter;
  • Reduced costs compared to dredging or erratic aeration performance for bottom sludge and muck cleaning;
  • Superior cutting edge microbial blends 100% safe for people, pets and the environment;
  • Prevents oxygen depletion and reduces hydrogen sulfide and other obnoxious gases;
  • Restores depth, rejuvenates and reverses the natural decline of all bodies of water;
  • Safe for livestock and horses; and
  • Eliminates manure odors and no drinking restrictions.

NT-MAX is used in bodies of water ranging from small backyard ponds to large 10,000-acre lakes. It offers a pollution free, non-toxic and affordable alternative to standard phosphate reduction methods.