NRDC Issues Water Conservation, Climate Resiliency Papers

The two papers are available on the NRDC website

NRDC Papers Urban Water Conservation Climate Resiliency

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has issued two papers—"Waste Less, Pollute Less: Using Urban Water Conservation to Advance Clean Water Act Compliance," and "Using State Revolving Funds to Build Climate-Resilient Communities." The former paper explains how urban water conservation can help address water quality and water supply needs at the same time, while keeping costs down for ratepayers. The paper shows how programs and policies that reduce indoor and outdoor water use can help achieve cost-effective compliance with sewer overflow, sewage collection and treatment, and storm water obligations. The latter paper explains how the Clean Water State Revolving Funds and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds can better support and incorporate measures to make communities more resilient to climate change risks. It demonstrates to local, state, and federal decision makers how water efficiency, green infrastructure, and flood resiliency policies can maximize the effectiveness of State Revolving Fund investments. 


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