Oct 28, 2009

Ohio City Enlists Mr. Manhole in $12 Million Sewer Project

Company relays latest accomplishments

On Oct. 5, the City of Ironton, Ohio, began a $12 million sewer project. The year-long project includes the replacement of 1,033 manhole chimneys using the Mr. Manhole Standardized Chimney Replacement System.

Fee Corp Inc. recently purchased the Mr. Manhole System from E.J. Prescott Inc., and became a Mr. Manhole certified installer. The chimney replacement method was specified by E.L. Robinson Engineering Co. as using the Mr. Manhole System or approved equal.

Mr. Manhole is a system that will dry cut through asphalt or concrete and remove a manhole casting from the street with no manual labor in minutes, the company said.

The system aims to rebuild the chimney section of a manhole perfectly level with the slope of the road quickly. The company said municipalities or anyone responsible for manhole maintenance and in need an installer can start on the Mr. Manhole system by reviewing its list of certified installers. Every manhole chimney repaired by a certified installer carries a five-year guarantee.