May 06, 2010

Olympia, Wash., Chooses VUEWorks for Citywide Asset Management, Capital Improvement Planning

VUEWorks will be used as Olympia’s citywide record management system to support a sustainable infrastructure management program

VUEWorks Inc. announced that the city of Olympia, Wash., has selected VUEWorks software for Web-based, GIS-integrated asset management and capital improvement planning (CIP).

VUEWorks will be used as Olympia’s citywide record management system to support a sustainable infrastructure management program that will enable city staff to make informed decisions on how to build, maintain and surplus city assets. Workflow and data management related to operations, planning, engineering and data will be integrated with VUEWorks. Data Transfer Solutions (DTS), a VUEWorks partner, will integrate VUEWorks with the city’s SunGard HTE financial system, linking VUEWorks work orders to payroll and utility billing.
“The biggest reason that Olympia invested in an asset management solution is that there has never been a systemic way to support the complete asset lifecycle,” said David Kuhn, GIS business manager for Olympia. “VUEWorks really provides a platform for what I like to call the infinite loop of infrastructure management; from project completion (conveyance) to operations maintenance, and back to capital planning. Here at Olympia, there was limited ability to roll up real costs and compare and contrast investment across different infrastructure. VUEWorks met our immediate needs on two fronts: operations and work management and incorporation of those workflows into asset valuation and capital planning. Additionally, VUEWorks gives us a highly configurable, readily integrated, true Web browser-based solution, meeting our strategic IT goals of having all information delivered via Internet or Intranet while still integrating with our SunGard financial system.”

“Olympia is another great example of how VUEWorks can extend the value of a municipality’s GIS data--from sharing the GIS map in a Web browser, to integrating work orders and finally for long term strategic asset management,” said Alex von Svoboda, VUEWorks’ vice president of sales and marketing. “A major factor in winning this sale was VUEWorks’ and DTS’ proven success in integrating VUEWorks with the SunGard financial system for another large municipality.”

“Winning Olympia, Washington, shows how well DTS worked with VUEWorks as an extended sales team and business partner,” said Jason Amadori, GISP, CEO of Earth Eye LLC, a subsidiary of DTS. “They support us when we need their input/insight for a client's needs, and we wrap it up with a total asset management solution to give the client a total solution. We are working well with them as a partner and it has been successful for many other agencies as well.”