Mar 25, 2008

One in 10 Fails to Pay Storm Water Fee in Colorado Town

Officials: About 10 percent of property owners, including the U.S. Postal Service, did not pay in 2007

Officials in Colorado Springs, Colo., have said that nearly one in 10 properties billed for storm water fees in 2007, including U.S. Postal-Service owned properties, did not pay.In 2008, property owners who fail to pay will face late fees. Because last year was the first for storm water fee billing, the city waived late charges.Bills from 2007 and 2008 which remain delinquent by July will be sent to the El Paso County Treasurer's Office in August and attached to 2009 property tax statements, according to Storm Water Manager Ken Sampley.Sampley said he does not yet know how delinquent billing would work for the Postal Service, as the federal government is exempt from property taxes.Since the enterprise began in 2007, it has collected $15.8 million for maintenance and new construction work. The nine percent of unpaid invoices, Sampley said, is estimated to be worth approximately $1.4 million in revenue.