Dec 04, 2013

Online Database Aims to Connect Buyers, Suppliers

Companies are encouraged to add their information to a the database paperless green aims to bring together buyers and suppliers of eco-friendly goods. The suppliers include not only major manufacturers but also local companies. The organization believes local small companies are the ones that can significantly influence demand structure and environmental change.

Electric cars, biodegradable materials, recycling services, organic clothing, solar and wind power energy supplies are the industries that can impact the ecosystem.

Offices daily use tons of paper for their needs. These are mainly A4 papers used for printing or copying. Most of these papers are not used for more than 24 hours before heading to the garbage can. It is unlikely to significantly reduce paper consumption by simply calling on people to "save the environment."

About 2 tons of wood are required to produce 1 ton of paper. A transition to alternative raw materials is the real solution. There is a limited number of manufacturers that use only sustainable treeless paper. The aim of is to help customers gain access to tree free paper and for this paper to be easily purchased in the U.S. or Canada, but also in Brazil and China. welcomes eco-friendly  U.S. and Canada companies to add information about themselves into its database and join as a seller of green products—like treeless paper or biodegradable material—or an installer of solar panels or wind turbines. These companies can become a part of community to contribute to the preservation of the environment.