Feb 18, 2015

Patti Eng. Completes Texas Infrastructure Automation Project

Engineering team made improvements to allow central control & remote equipment management, as well as save energy & reduce operating costs

Patti Engineering Fair Oaks Ranch Texas

Patti Eng. Inc. announced details of a project it completed for Siemens Industry’s Infrastructure & Cities Sector. Siemens hired Patti Eng. in 2014 to support its Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas water and wastewater infrastructure project. Fair Oaks Ranch had antiquated nearly obsolete equipment which required labor intensive monitoring and was energy inefficient and difficult to maintain.

Fair Oaks Ranch contracted Siemens Industry’s Infrastructure & Cities Sector for its sustainable and intelligent infrastructure technologies expertise to assist in the planning for the city’s modernization and improvement project. Siemens selected Patti Eng., a Siemens Automation Solution Partner, to design and implement a turnkey water and wastewater improvement solution for the project. Collaborating with Siemens, Patti Eng. was responsible for hardware design, software design and development, installation, commissioning and testing of the new system.

Patti Eng.'s solution was multidimensional. Patti Eng. designed and implemented a new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system and human machine interfaces to allow for central control and management of equipment. Older equipment controls were replaced with the latest generation Siemens programmable logic controllers at the city’s wells, lift stations and elevated storage tanks to ensure accurate and timely communications to the new SCADA system. Wireless communication replaced auto-dialers eliminating the high cost of phone lines.

“It was a pleasure working with Patti Eng. on the development of a SCADA system to be incorporated into our Performance Contract with the city of Fair Oaks Ranch. Their local support and technical expertise helped our team develop a solution for our customer’s needs. The new SCADA system will help the city of Fair Oaks Ranch save energy and operational cost associated with their water and wastewater infrastructure and backup power needs,” said Chad Nobles, executive accounts, EES, Siemens Industry’s Infrastructure & Cities Sector. “Patti Eng.’s ability to create a flexible and cost effective solution met our standards and criteria, as well as our customer’s.”

Problems and inefficiencies associated aging infrastructure is a common concern among U.S. cities. New technological advances are creating opportunities for sustainable city development, but many government organizations lack the resources needed to properly implement such technology. Fair Oaks Ranch funded its infrastructure project through Siemens Industry’s Infrastructure & Cities Sector’s performance-based contract program which allows cities to finance capital and energy improvements through its guaranteed energy, labor and cost savings. Siemens calculated a 14-year payback period for the Fair Oaks Ranch project.