Sep 26, 2014

Perk Filter Receives Approval From Virginia DEQ

Perk Filter reduces pollutant loading in runoff from urban development

Oldcaste Stormwater Perk Filter Virginia DEQ Approval

Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions’ Perk Filter, a storm water media filtration device, received approval for use to meet the new water quality design requirements of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program by the State of Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) on Sept. 4, 2014.

The review and approval process required submission of a Manufactured Treatment Device Registration form, Maintenance Manual and a Technical Evaluation Report of a field monitoring study used for approval of the Perk Filter under the Washington Department of Ecology TAPE protocol. After comprehensive review, Perk Filter received a Total Phosphorous removal efficiency of 50% as required by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and has been added to Virginia Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse website as an approved filter device.

The Perk Filter is a storm water media filtration device used to reduce pollutant loading in runoff from urban developments. In addition to the VA DEQ approval, Perk Filter has a general use level designation (GULD) from Washington Department of Ecology for both Basic Treatment and Phosphorous Treatment—requiring at least 80% total suspended solids removal and 50% total phosphorous removal. The Perk Filter is available in multiple configurations, including catch basins, vaults and manholes, allowing the specifier maximum design flexibility.

Impervious surfaces and other urban and suburban landscapes generate a variety of contaminants that can enter storm water, polluting downstream receiving waters. The Perk Filter captures and retains sediment, oils, phosphorous, metals and other targeted constituents close to the source and reduces the total discharge load to our water bodies.

Laddie Fromelius, director of business development for Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions group stated, "The approval of Perk Filter by the VA DEQ sets a milestone in the ongoing battle to improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay Region and gives the civil engineering community a solid third party, independently verified option, for storm water management issues. We are looking forward to the opportunity of providing this solution to our clients from our local manufacturing plant in Fredericksburg, Va."