Nov 22, 2013

Permeable Paver System Wins Honors at Contech Event

Inflo tongue-and groove paver recognized for innovation and sustainable development

Techo-Bloc Contech Inflo BMP Permeable Paver
Techo-Bloc Contech Inflo BMP Permeable Paver

Techo-Bloc, a company recognized for the quality of its hardscaping products, was awarded two prizes from the 2013 Contech building event. The result of major research and development efforts, the Inflo permeable tongue-and-groove paver received an honorable mention in the ICI market (industrial, commercial and institutional), and took grand prize in the urban/suburban living category for innovation and sustainable development.

“Inflo’s design allows for the efficient management of rainwater runoff, which percolates directly into the ground and provides a cost-effective solution. “It features an integrated self-locking tongue-and-groove system with vertical, horizontal and rotational interlock. Unlike porous surfaces, Inflo allows water to percolate through the joints and not through the pavers. It offers excellent performance by eliminating water runoff, relieves demand on municipal storm sewers and therefore plays a major role in reducing infrastructure expenses. This technology also eliminates the need for retention basins, which in turn reduces land acquisition costs,” said Éric Clavette, vice president, sales, Techo-Bloc. In addition, this first monolithic permeable paver is far more durable than asphalt.