Sep 13, 2017

Florida DOT Rehabilitates Pipe With Cementitious Composite Concrete

Florida DOT Rehabilitates Pipe With Cementitious Composite Concrete

The Florida Department of Transportation identified 48-in. corrugated metal pipe (CMP) along Highway 87 in Navarre Beach that needed to be repaired or replaced. Original plans had not shown sections extending into the main highway; however, it was found that in some sections, the storm drain ran parallel to the highway, and was located directly beneath the sidewalk and curb in other areas, with the pipe running directly below the travel lane of the highway. A dig-and-replace solution was originally bid, but on this stretch of pipe, crews would have had to close lanes on a major highway. With the pipe placement at 14 ft below street level, the high water table added an extra challenge, and would have been especially difficult to work around with a dig-and-replace solution.

The subcontractor determined that relining with CentriPipe, a centrifugally cast method, would enable rehabilitation with only one lane closure for four days, as opposed to months of total closure with dig-and-replace. As a licensed and experienced CentriPipe applicator, Scott Benner of Centrifugal Lining was brought in to assist with this portion of the project. The equipment, materials and licensed applicators are tested, providing a reliable solution used throughout the U.S. and Canada.

More than 1,300 ft of 48-in. CMP was rehabilitated. The 8,000-psi fine aggregate cementitious composite concrete spun into the pipe using a bi-directional spin-caster resulted in a structurally-sound, watertight, rehabilitated pipe from end to end. 

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