Jun 03, 2019

NCSPA Announces Multiple Winning Projects

The 63rd meeting of the National Corrugated Steel Pipe Assn. occurred in California this year

CSP & Pipe Arch Project of the Year
CSP & Pipe Arch Project of the Year.

The 63rd annual National Corrugated Steel Pipe Assn. (NCSPA) meeting took place in Palm Desert, Calif., March 29 to April 2.  This year’s theme was “Strengthening our Future,” according to NCSPA.

The NCSPA mission has been “to promote the public policy and education relating to the use of corrugated steel drainage systems in private and public construction. Corrugated steel pipe producers offer a variety of coating options such as galvanized, aluminized Type 2 and polymer to meet the cost and service life needs for owners and designers. Because of its 100-year service life and unrivaled recycled content, steel has always been one of the best choices for engineers, specifiers and contractors.”

Member fabricating companies of NCSPA are estimated to produce nearly 90% of all domestic pipe production, according to NCSPA. Associate members include mill producers, coaters and suppliers of products and services to the industry.

Several projects this past year were in alignment with their education, research and specification initiatives. Among the noteworthy were:

  • Testing and standard development for polymer coated structural plate and fasteners;

  • Development, training, and launch of a quality program for fabricators and mill suppliers;

  • Finite element modeling for seismic design of buried steel structures;

  • State Department of Transportation (DOT) presentations promoting polymer pipe and the NCSPA Certification Program; and

  • Continued technical support for the rewrite of the U.S. Army Corps engineering manual.


Project of the Year winners include:

  • CSP & Pipe Arch Project of the Year:

    • Town of Lyons Bridge Replacement

    • By: Metal Culverts Inc.

CSP & Pipe Arch Project of the Year


  • DOT Project of the Year:

    • Sullivan County Emergency Long Span Repair

    • By: Lane Enterprises Inc.

DOT Project of the year


  • Rehabilitation Project of the Year:

    • Shakey Lakes Dam Reline

    • By: Contech Engineered Solutions

Rehabilitation Project of the Year


  • Structural Plate Project of the Year:

    • Construction & Execution of Emirates Road (Stage II) at Suhila & Shamal

    • By: ViaCon Sp. z o.o.

Structural Plate Project of the Year

  • Retention/Detention Project of the Year:

    • Kwik Trip Convenience Store

    • By: TrueNorth Steel


Retention/Detention Project of the Year

  • Service Life Project of the Year:

    • 1938 Plate Arch Rehabilitation

    • By: Lane Enterprises Inc.

Service Life Project of the Year