Aug 09, 2019

Pennsylvania Storm Water System Mapped Out for Inspection

No pollutants were found in the storm water system

No pollutants were found in the storm water system

A state program is aiding Hermitage, Penn., officials with pipe inspection and mapping of their storm water system. According to The Herald, the firm working on the system said it is performing well.

The Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4) is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for municipalities. According to The Herald, municipalities like Hermitage will map storm water systems and inspect outflows. Permits will be issued every five years.

Matthew Coppage, an engineer with Wallace Pancher Group, said permits are required to ensure municipalities use a separate system for sewer and storm water, rather than a combined sewer system.

Daniel Wallace of the Wallace Pancher Group said the next permit cycle will end in March 2023. Work is underway to map the system, according to The Herald

"There's still some work to do, but we'll have everything completed by then," Wallace said to The Herald

Wallace said no pollutants were found in the storm water system and no issues were found in the pipes despite the heavy rain in May and June this year, according to The Herald

The city’s storm water system keeps brochures with information available of the “dos and don’t” of the storm water system. Some points include: use as little fertilizer as possible and keep it away from storm drains; wash cars on either grass or gravel, or take them to a professional car wash service to avoid soapy water entering the stormwater system; and clean up pet waste in bags and dispose of them in the garbage.