Jul 01, 2019

Denver Zoo Collaboration Works to Stop Pollution

A new storm water filtration system will help the Denver Zoo save $40,000 per year 

A new storm water filtration system will help the Denver Zoo save $40,000 per year

The Denver Zoo is using a new gutter system to help control flooding and sediment. They are using a system from Frog Creek Partners (FCP). 

According to a FCP release the Gutter Bin storm water filtration system catches trash and sediment as it enters storm drain. The system is low maintenance and will save the Denver Zoo $40,000 per year in cleanup costs. 

“What started as a clogged storm drain turned into a wonderful relationship right in line with our commitment to sustainability,” said Jennifer Hale, senior director of campus management and sustainability for Denver Zoo, in an FCP press release. “Earlier this year the lion yard and main parking plaza experienced flooding due to trash, sediment and debris getting caught in the storm drain. With Frog Creek Partners’ solution, we’re able to avoid substantial clean up costs and we have a permanent way to keep our storm water free of pollution, far more benefit than we initially bargained for.”

According to the FCP news release, the Denver Zoo also is working with the Greenway Foundation to help the city utilize sustainable clean water practices. The Gutter Bins removed 2,471 lb in just one year in its pilot program. According to FCP, the bins would collection 4.5 million lb of pollution in it protected all 22,000 of Denver's catch basins

“The Greenway Foundation has been working since 1974 to restore and revitalize the South Platte River watershed and storm water pollution has been one of our greatest challenges,” said Devon Buckels, director of The Water Connection initiative of The Greenway Foundation. “Every year, local non-governmental organizations and the Flood Control District spend $1.5 million removing trash from the South Platte River by hand, one piece at a time. Much of that trash finds its way to our waterways through Denver’s storm drains. We’re thrilled to tap into this innovative technology from Frog Creek Partners to capture and remove the pollution before it reaches our waterways.”