Polston Applied Technologies Rebrands as U.S. Submergent Technologies

Company offers submergent cleaning for waste removal from wet infrastructure

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Polston Applied Technologies renamed the company to U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST). The name change comes as part of an ongoing initiative by USST to redefine how the capacity of wet infrastructure is restored and to better communicate the company’s capability to provide waste removal from wet infrastructure (tanks and large-diameter pipes) without the need for bypass pumping. USST has successfully brought its disruptive technology to the wastewater collection and treatment industry.

The category of Submergent Cleaning is defined as the ability to remove sand, grit and residuals from wet environments, primarily tanks and pipes. USST offers this technology for waste removal from wet infrastructure.

“At U.S. Submergent Technologies, we are dedicated to making a positive and meaningful difference, creating an awareness of what you don’t see, and restoring the capacity of wet infrastructure safely and efficiently,” said Company founder and CEO Denver Stutler.

Stutler, an engineer and former principal at Camp Dresser and McKee Inc., served as the Chief of Staff to Governor Jeb Bush, and was appointed and confirmed by the Florida Senate as Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Building on Stutler’s public and private sector expertise, USST has utilized its GritGone process (formerly the Polston Process) to clean wastewater collection and treatment structures once clogged with sand, restoring their capacity. The proprietary capacity restoration services of U.S. Submergent Technologies help utilities extend the life of existing infrastructure, thereby saving utilities time and money.

The GritGoneSM process uses the exclusive Combination3TM technology equipment of USST to produce successful results other technologies cannot match. The USST Combination3TM trucks function as a complete standalone cleaning system for large-diameter pipes, tanks and other hard-to-clean environments.

Because the GritGoneSM process can take place in surcharged (wet) conditions, facilities remain in service during cleaning.

Although the company has changed its name, U.S. Submergent Technologies will continue to employ the same exceptional team and innovative processes that have enabled it to provide outstanding service to its clients. All company phone numbers remain the same, email addresses will reach corresponding staff members and the previous web address is seamlessly redirecting website users to www.ussubmergent.com.

U.S. Submergent Technologies

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