Jul 18, 2017

Housing Development Installs Permeable Paving

Federation Housing Inc. uses Porous Pave XL for garden walkways, patio

Housing development using Porous Pave XL

Federation Housing Inc. completed the Gil Rosenthal Garden of Peace at the Samuel A. Green House by installing 1,650 sq ft of Porous Pave XL permeable pavement for the garden’s walkways and circular patio. Located in Elkins Park, Penn., and managed by Federation Housing, the Samuel A. Green House is a low-income housing tax credit building for the elderly.

The three-story building includes 84 one-bedroom apartments. An eco-friendly green building product manufactured in the U.S., Porous Pave XL is a highly porous and durable pour-in-place paving material made from 50% recycled rubber chips and 50% kiln-dried aggregate mixed with a liquid binder.

Garrett Churchill Inc., a landscape design company in the Philadelphia region, designed and installed the 5-ft-wide walking paths and 24-ft-diameter patio with Porous Pave XL batch mixed on site and poured in place at a depth of 1.5-in. atop a 4-in. base of compacted crushed aggregate.

“The project required a paving material with more porosity than permeable pavers. Otherwise, we would have been required to install additional storm water retention features at grade, adding costs and detracting from the garden,” said Jane Lahage, NAHP-e, director of operations, Federation Housing Inc. “The average age of the residents is 80. We needed a safe surface so they can get out and enjoy the garden.”

“With 27% to 29% void space, Porous Pave infiltrates much more storm water water than permeable pavers,” said Andy Sykes, CLP, owner, Garrett Churchill Inc. “The rubber content gives it good traction and makes it freeze- and frost-heave resistant to eliminate the risks of heaving and cracking.”

The Porous Pave paths enable residents and neighbors of the Samuel A. Green House to enjoy the shade, foliage and flowers provided by seven shade trees, three flowering trees, 120 shrubs and 150 perennials. A simple water feature installed in an 800-lb slab of granite, saved from the demolition of an old house on the site, is at the center of the circular patio, which also offers wood bench seating.

“The garden is a place of beauty and peace. Porous Pave makes it accessible and safe,” said Lahage. “The color and texture of the material complements the building and blends with the landscape created by Garrett Churchill.”