Feb 27, 2015

Profile Introduces Topsoil Alternative

The media establishes vegetation in poor soil conditions

Profile topsoil alternative vegetation ProGanics biotic soil media

Profile Products introduced ProGanics biotic soil media (BSM), a patent-pending engineered soil media (ESM) to help establish sustainable vegetation in near-impossible conditions.

ProGanics is a sustainable solution designed for projects where soils have low organic matter, low nutrient levels and limited biological activity. Trucking in tons of healthy soil is often expensive or not possible on challenging and difficult-to-access sites. On a one-acre site, it would traditionally require 36 trucks of topsoil to cover a depth of 4 in. compared with two, 3,000-gal capacity hydroseeder tanks applying 3,500 to 5,000 lb of ProGanics.

ProGanics achieves twice the vegetation cover and three times greater biomass in greenhouse trials than other biotic soil amendment (BSA) products. While some BSAs contain peat harvested from non-renewable wetlands, ProGanics BSM contains a blend of renewable, phyto-sanitized thermally refined bark and wood fibers with soil building and growth establishment components. It accelerates the development of depleted soils to help build soils for vegetative establishment and effective erosion control.

ProGanics complements the performance of hydraulic and rolled erosion control products. It is applied like hydraulic mulch and mixes quickly into a viscous, dark-brown slurry that is simple to apply and meter.