Sep 21, 2020

Florida Beach Outfall Removal Project Moves Forward

Naples, Florida moved forward with its project to remove outfalls from city beaches.

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Naples, Florida’s project to remove outfalls from city beaches took a step forward in the planning process.

According to Naples Daily News, the Naples City Council took steps to improve the water quality of storm water discharges into the Gulf of Mexico and to improve traffic safety along part of Gulf Shore Boulevard impacted by the water quality project. 

“What we’ve got before us and what we’ve looked at is phenomenal,” said Councilman Mike McCabe. “This has come a very long way. This project as it’s evolved and as it will come to fruition will be something not only that Naples will be proud of but will actually improve our water quality, our waterways, our Gulf to another level that I personally will be proud of.” 

The outfall removal project is expected to eliminate nine storm water pipes lining Naples beaches from the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club to near Second Avenue South, reported the city.

A storm water management system would discharge treated water via underground pipes offshore into the Gulf of Mexico.

The city council directed city staff to pursue the design and permitting of two storm water pump stations for the project at a total estimated cost of $24 million, according to a city memo. 

A north pump station would be located on a drainage easement for the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club and possibly some right-of-way on Oleander Drive, according to the city. The southern pump station would be located near the Third Avenue North right-of-way, according to a city memo.

The council also voted on water quality goals for the project, including reducing total bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorous levels taken at an offshore monitoring station. The city voted to direct staff to proceed with water quality actions such as increased street sweeping, reported Naples Daily News.

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