Jul 14, 2009

QDOR Program Launches New Website

Site tailored to meet needs of rolled erosion control product specifiers, regulators and manufacturers

The Quality Data Oversight and Review (QDOR) program has launched a new website: www.qdor.org.There you will be able to find everything you need to use the QDOR program. The website includes items for the specifier, government regulator and the manufacturer of rolled erosion control products. The website offers the QDOR Guidance Manual, suggestions for how to incorporate QDOR into specifications and a list of frequently asked questions about the program.QDOR has been developed by the Erosion Control Technology Council to assist end-users of erosion control products in specifiying and using the proper type of erosion/sediment control product on their jobs. Three times per year manufacturers may apply to have their products reviewed for placement on the QDOR list.