Oct 21, 2005

Rain Insurance Assures Sufficient Wet Weather Data in Temporary Studies

ADS Environmental Services announced the introduction of ADS Rain Insurance, a reduced-risk program for obtaining temporary flow monitoring data.
Now, municipalities can budget with greater certainty and be assured of getting the amount of rain data needed to draw valid conclusions. If the amount of rain required for a study is not experienced in the established timeframe, the study continues, without any additional cost to the customer, until the necessary amount of rainfall is experienced.
"Current contracting methods for I/I studies require customers to place a bet on how much it will rain during their study period," stated Hal Kimbrough, vice president of operations for ADS Environmental Services. "ADS Rain Insurance reduces this risk by guaranteeing the amount of wet weather data the customer will receive. If it doesn’t rain, it comes out of our pocket."
Defining the length of time in which the required number of storms will take place is a gamble, with penalties for guessing wrong in either direction. Planning for too many days means the project will cost more than is necessary. Planning for too few days means that either additional funds will be required to extend the study or, even worse, that important decisions will be based on data that is inadequate to support them.
With By-the-Storm ADS Rain Insurance, ADS shares the risk with the customer. Rather than price flow data on the length of time that monitors are installed, ADS Rain Insurance provides a fixed price to collect data from a specified number of storms that meet a specified criteria for rainfall quantity.