Oct 17, 2018

Concordia University Installs Rainwater Harvesting System

The Canadian schools has plans to expand the rainwater harvesting system next spring

Rainwater harvesting system installed at Canadian university
Rainwater harvesting system installed at Canadian university

Concordia University in Montreal, QC, Canada, has begun harvesting rainwater to irrigate grounds at the university’s Loyola campus. The university collects rainwater from the Physical Services (PS) building and plans to expand the program to the Grey Nuns building at the downtown campus in the spring.

The idea to switch water sources began when the university maintenance crew removed the garden hoses and sprinkler systems, instead using barrels of tap water in trucks to water the gardens, as reported by CBC Radio Canada. Loyola Campus Property Manager Gerry Barrette decided harvesting rainwater would be a more effective system.

Rainwater is funneled into six large barrels, filtered through a screen to remove debris and transferred to the back of a truck. The filtered rainwater then is attached to a pressurized hose used to water gardens and clean roads. According to Barrette, during heavy rainfall, the six barrels, each with a capacity of 250 gal of water, fill in approximately 2 hours.

The rainwater harvesting system has not only decreased the university’s water consumption, but it also is time efficient and convenient.

“It permits us, now with our vehicle and the container, to go places where there wasn’t even access to tap water,” Barrette said.

Additionally, the system has received positive feedback from students and community members.