Aug 21, 2018

Tucson, Ariz., Adopts Rainwater Harvesting Policy For Construction Sites

The new Tucson Department of Transportation project requires crews to harvest rainwater at all construction sites

Rainwater harvesting policy adopted for Tucson, Ariz., construction
Rainwater harvesting policy adopted for Tucson, Ariz., construction

The city of Tucson, Ariz., has adopted a new policy, called the Green Streets Active Practice Guideline, that requires Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) crews to collect rainwater in basins at all construction sites. The policy launched with the Grant Road Improvement Project and aims to both ease the load on the city’s storm water drainage systems and prevent runoff pollutants from entering waterways.

“Rainwater is basically free, so if we can utilize it, it’s to our advantage,” said Gary Wittwer, landscape architect with the Tucson Department of Transportation.

The Green Streets Active Practice Guideline was adopted five years ago, but the policy was officially kick-started this summer with the Grant Road Improvement Project, as reported by local news source ABC 9. While TDO said  the amount of water collected is not substantial, it is helping to keep roads clear during monsoons and reducing nitrogen pollution.

“We’re in the desert, we need to save water any way we can,” Wittwer added.

The progress of the rainwater harvesting at Grant Road will be monitored to determine best methods for future sites.