Mar 03, 2020

New Jersey DEP Adopts New Storm Water Amendments

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has added some amendments to its storm water rules 

storm water

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) formally adopted groundbreaking amendments to New Jersey’s storm water management rules.

The rules will better protect water quality by reducing polluted runoff through implementation of green infrastructure technologies. This also helps to make New Jersey more resilient to storm and flood impacts from climate change, according to Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe.

The amendments emphasize how engineering with nature and focusing on green infrastructure strategies can be more effective at managing polluted runoff and reducing flooding.

“Nature is one of our best allies in reducing flooding risks and managing storm water runoff that pollutes waterways,” said McCabe. “These amendments, resulting from extensive discussions with stakeholders and experts, mark a milestone in how New Jersey manages and regulates storm water. The DEP is working with stakeholders on additional storm water management rule changes to even further advance Governor Murphy’s commitment to protecting the environment and making the state more resilient to the impacts of climate change.”

There is also the requirement for permit applicants to use green infrastructure to reduce storm water runoff and to achieve water quality goals. 

The amendments also redefine the types of surfaces subject to the rules and changes. This intends to better support water quality-protection efforts in urban communities with combined sewer systems and will take effect in one year.

“I am proud of the collaborative work accomplished by the DEP and all our stakeholders in working toward these important amendments,” said Assistant Commissioner for Water Resources Management Michele Putnam. “As the most densely populated state, New Jersey must remain proactive and open to better ways to manage storm water.”

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