Aug 04, 2017

WE&RF Awards Research Contract for BMP Database

Contract to standardize tracking, reporting of International Stormwater BMP Database

Research contract standardizes tracking, reporting for database

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) awarded a research contract to Wright Water Engineers Inc. in association with Geosyntec Consultants for Standardized BMP Maintenance Tracking and Report Protocols (SIWM22T17), in support of the “Data Analysis and Standardization” task of the CLASIC (Community-Enabled Lifecycle Analysis of Stormwater Infrastructure Costs) project.

The analysis will support the objectives of Environmental & Water Resources Institute (EWRI) and WE&RF to advance understanding of the whole life cycle costs of green and gray infrastructure, with emphasis on operations and maintenance (O&M). CLASIC will develop resources and tools to help decision-makers consider the costs associated with planning, designing, operating, maintaining or replacing storm water infrastructure. The tools help comparisons of benefits and costs of storm water infrastructure alternatives by providing supporting information related to storm water best management practice and operation and maintenance costs.

This research will leverage recently completed work by EWRI's Municipal Water Infrastructure Council. That project included a review and compilation of green infrastructure maintenance studies to provide recommendations for more consistent maintenance information reporting. The resulting recommendations will be used as the foundation for developing BMP operation and maintenance activities and associated cost data fields for the cost database component of CLASIC.

The three technical tasks for this project are:

  1. Develop a technical memorandum with recommended maintenance variables to track for each BMP type.
  2. Develop checklists on onsite maintenance activities for each BMP type.
  3. Complete spreadsheets/database tables for maintenance tracking and reporting protocols.

The final product will be a building block for creation of a maintenance cost module or table associated with the International Stormwater BMP Database and to support WE&RF’s CLASIC project. The project is anticipated to be completed at the end of 2017.