Jul 12, 2017

Media Filtration System Receives Verifications

PerkFilter certified to remove 80% TSS, treating 18 gpm

PerkFilter earns NJCAT, NJDEP verifications

The PerkFilter media filtration system for storm water treatment has been verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT), a comprehensive, rigorous and recognized verification program. Additionally, the PerkFilter system has been certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) as an approved storm water treatment device based on the NJCAT verification.

The revolutionary PerkFilter system is now certified for at least 80% removal of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in accordance with the NJDEP filtration protocol. Each standard 18-in. tall PerkFilter cartridge can treat up to 18 gal of storm water runoff per minute. It also may be used online without a separate high-flow bypass located upstream.

The PerkFilter media filtration system uses physical and chemical treatment processes such as sedimentation, filtration, and sorption to remove TSS, metals, nutrients, gross solids, trash and debris, as well as petroleum hydrocarbons to significantly reduce the total pollutant discharge load in storm water runoff. PerkFilter is a media-filled cartridge filtration system where the number and size of cartridges is tailored to accommodate the water quality flow rate and to meet the specific needs of the project site. To allow maximum design flexibility, the PerkFilter system is available in multiple configurations, including catch basins, precast concrete vaults, manholes, curb inlets and larger, custom-designed concrete structures.

“The approval of the PerkFilter system will complement our earlier Dual-Vortex Separator certification by allowing us to offer an appropriate level of treatment for any project,” said Jay Holtz, director of engineering for Oldcastle Stormwater. “We are excited to offer such a comprehensive solution. The NJDEP certification will give designers an effective tool to meet local storm water treatment requirements with full engineering design support while providing a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution for contractors and owners.”

The PerkFilter system offers an economical alternative for Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation in both new and retrofit applications where space is limited and effective storm water treatment is required. The system can be a critical component of an environmentally friendly, Low-Impact Development (LID) solution to help extend the service life of infiltration, detention and retention systems. To learn more about the PerkFilter system’s NJDEP certification or view the NJCAT report for this stormwater treatment device, click here