Dec 30, 2019

New York Mitigates Saratoga Lake Runoff

$75,000 will be put towards storm water treatment research and management efforts for Saratoga Lake. 

storm water runoff

Stillwater, New York is investing $75,000 to determine the best ways to deal with storm water runoff causing water quality problems in Saratoga Lake.

According to the Daily Gazette, the Regional Economic Development Council awards granted the town of Stillwater: a $45,000 Department of State grant to identify sources of excess nutrients and sediment running into the lake and develop solutions; and a $30,000 Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) identify ways to reduce and treat storm water runoff in the lake's watershed.

"We've been applying for anything and everything that could help us deal with water quality issues in the lake," said Stillwater Town Supervisor Ed Kinoski. "We're looking for the best possible means to catch whatever we can coming into the lake, whether it is soil or nutrients."

The DEC considers the lake “stressed,” particularly after a DEC analysis showed phosphorous levels in lake have risen. 

Summer 2018 and in 2016, Stillwater officials had to close Brown's Beach to the public after high fecal bacteria levels were found, according to the Daily Gazette

Sewers were installed around the lake in the 1980s, but runoff from snowmelt and storms still flow into the lake. The town is exploring the use of catch basins able to catch more contaminants going into storm drains. There are also plans to have them installed in a high-end housing development, reported the Daily Gazette

Last spring, a 200 foot section of state Route 9P on the east side of the lake was closed for several weeks after storm runoff caused a slope failure between the lake and the road, reported the Daily Gazette. The state is expected to spend more money repairing Route 9P next year. 

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