Jun 18, 2019

Pennsylvania City Solves Sanitary Sewer Issues

City council meeting discusses storm water runoff issues in Altoona

City council meeting discusses storm water runoff issues in Altoona

The city of Altoona, Pa., is working with the local water authority and Logan Township to solve issues with sanitary sewage and storm runoff. According to Altoona Mirror, these issues came to light at a city council meeting about storm water runoff problems along 39th Street in Eldorado.

A man at the meeting shared his thoughts on the subject. He explained how he plans to build a home but was frustrated with the lack of a sanitary sewer line, according to Altoona Mirror. Interim City Manager Peter Marshall said the sanitary and storm sewer preparations are happening, however they will not be completed soon enough to satisfy residents. One resident became emotional as he described an event were sewer water crossed his yard, where his grandchildren were swimming in a pool.

“It’s disgusting,” said resident Chad Williams. He believes the conditions were caused by failing septic systems, and the lack of a sanitary line and storm drainage.

Marshall said the solution to the storm runoff is a detention pond. According to Altoona Mirror, the solution to the sanitary issue is a line extension. A resolution was tabled by the council to authorize the extension.

According to Altoona Mirror, the resolution called for complying with a DEP order to correct the sanitary sewer issue.

“The Altoona Water Authority would do the $74,000 installation without charging the city or the property owners which proposed three options for covering the remaining $82,000 cost,” according to Altoona Mirror.

The Logan Township is discussing an extension of its own, which would be attached to the city’s and travel another 1,200 ft, according to Altoona Mirror. Chairman Jim Patterson and Supervisor Joe Metzgar said the supervisors are waiting for more information on the project.