Sep 27, 2018

Legoland, New York DEC Reach Construction Runoff Control Agreement

After repeated runoff control violations, Legoland has agreed to a new storm water management and sediment control plan

Legoland faces sediment control fines
Legoland faces sediment control fines

Merlin Entertainment, the parent company of Legoland, and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reached a consent order agreement to limit construction runoff at the construction site of a Legoland in Goshen, N.Y. The order fines Legoland $50,000 and requires a plan to prevent turbid storm water runoff and implement better sediment controls, as reported by the Times Herald-Record.

Over the course of the summer, the Legoland location has been cited five times for storm water runoff and erosion control violations. Violations came from DEC May 16, May 21, June 28 and July 24, along with a violation from Goshen town inspectors July 19. The violations specified that the site lacked subcatchment or mini drainage basins, and did not provide substantial sediment controls.

Following the agreement, leaders from Legoland outlined measures being taken to fix the site. The company’s latest runoff plan includes creating more sediment basins; making additional dams, swales and extra sediment fencing; and modifying the storm water outflow system with filter bags and skimmers.

“DEC will continue to aggressively monitor this site’s compliance with state environmental law, and will impose penalties and possible fines when and if violations are found in order to protect public health and the environment,” said Erica Ringewalk, a DEC spokeswoman.

Legoland also must remove sediment from Corey Pond and stabilize disturbed soils. Furthermore, the future Legoland park, set to be completed in 2020, must be able to handle more than 2 in. of rain over a 24-hour period.