Dec 07, 2017

Berlin Plans Green Infrastructure Initiative

The German city follows China’s lead by planning sponge city growth

Berlin plans sponge city

The Senate of Berlin, Germany, released a plan for city climate action which incorporated green infrastructure. Cities across the globe, notably in China, have been developing sponge city initiatives.

Regarding objective, the plan states, “The goal is adaptation in the form of no regret measures that would make social, economic and ecological sense even without climate change.” Sponge cities are a long-term solution to urban heat effect that re-creates a natural ecosystem. The basic plan is for green infrastructure to be planted throughout city rooftop gardens and permeable pavement to prevent storm water buildup.

Already one Berlin neighborhood is incorporating this green strategies for more efficient urban storm water management. Rummelsberg, a residential neighborhood, uses green rooftops to temporarily absorb water that then flows to the courtyard and is absorbed by a layer of permeable soil. On the streets, swales collect excess runoff and permeable pavement absorbs and slowly releases storm water.