Jul 20, 2020

Colorado Springs Experiences Heavy Rains

Recent heavy rain is testing drainage systems in Colorado Springs. 

colorado springs

Recent heavy rain is testing draining in Colorado Springs. Street flooding has been a problem in the past, according to KOAA News.

Colorado Springs made a commitment four years ago to improve infrastructure, which includes redoing drainage and bringing the system up-to-date. So far, the improvements seem to be working.

"A lot of that too is coordination with us and the 2C program, so when they go in to repave roads, they're rebuilding curb and gutter, we're working with them to replace pipe, fix that conveyance as we go," said Stormwater Enterprise Manager Richard Mulledy.

According to city leaders, runoff appears to be cleaner because less trash is making its way downstream. The speed and amount of water is also being controlled as well. 

The City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Utilities and Pueblo County signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement Apr. 28 committing spending for storm water infrastructure, maintenance and education programs. This amounts to $460 million total over the next two decades in order to improve the city’s storm water system, reported the city.

Since July 2018, Colorado Springs voter-supported storm water fee went into effect to fund critical storm water infrastructure and maintenance operations for the city’s storm water system. The stormwater fee is generating funding for critical storm water infrastructure and maintenance operation of the city's storm water program. The fee will sunset after 20 years on Jun. 30, 2038, according to the city.

Capital projects are planned to be completed within the 20 year timeframe as well, reported the city’s website. MS4 obligations and operation and maintenance of the city's storm water system will continue after the 20 year timeframe, and any overlap of funding will be used for storm water requirements that must still be met.

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