Jan 09, 2018

Evacuation Orders Respond to Threat of Mudslides, Flash Flooding

As unprecedented rains batter Southern California, officials fear the fire ravaged land is vulnerable to mudslides

California faces threat of mudslides

Mandatory evacuation orders in low-lying areas and voluntary evacuation orders in less threatened areas have been issued in parts of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Ventura counties in response to the growing threat of mudslides. Heavy rains began in the counties on the afternoon of Jan. 8. The National Weather Service has issued warnings for flash flooding and mudslide threats. 

According to CNN, up to 4 in. of rain is expected in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, while up to 2 in. of rain is expected in Los Angeles county. On Jan. 9, the heaviest rainfall is expected mid-morning to early afternoon.

In preparation for the rainstorms, crews in the Southern California counties have been clearing storm drains as well as laying sandbags and wattles. The dry soil, burnt land and ravaged roots in the wake of recent wildfires has left the land vulnerable.