Dec 18, 2017

N.J. Town Plans Storm Water, Sewer Restoration

The plan includes clearing sediment blockage and incorporating green space

New Jersey town seeks to restore storm water management systems

Camden, N.J., has announced plans to restore their storm water management plan and manage sewer overflow. The plan features increased green space, jetting pipes and cleaning outfalls. A major obstacle to Camden’s storm water management is the outdated system of a combined sewer and storm water system. The aging infrastructure is too costly to replace entirely though.

According to Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority Executive Director Andrew Kricun, “Solids deposit at the bottom of the pipes, and over time, restrict the flow. You have to jet the pipes out every so often.” Currently, only approximately 15% of the sewer system is unblocked, which accounts to a majority of overflow. City officials anticipate that clearing bottlenecks in the pipeline will accommodate 100 million gpd of storm water.

Additionally, Camden launched the Stormwater Management and Resource and Training Initiative (SMART) which has already built 60 rain gardens. These rain gardens are essential for promoting green infrastructure and returning the storm water to the ground rather than the storm drains.

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