Apr 09, 2019

Oregon City Expects Flood Waters to Rise

Corvallis, Ore., braces for more flooding as water starts to rise

Corvallis, Ore., braces for more flooding as water starts to rise
Corvallis, Ore., braces for more flooding as water starts to rise.

In Corvallis, Ore., city officials are expecting flood waters to rise and are urging residents to get ready. According to the National Weather Service, the Willamette River is expected to enter minor flood stages by Tuesday morning.

The City spokesman Patrick Rollens said the heavy rains will likely cause more flooding in the city. According to KEZI, Rollens also said higher river levels will cause the city’s drainage system to operate more slowly as there is no place for the water to go. He is encouraging residents to remove debris from blocked storm drains, but not to remove covers or grates and to contact Corvallis Public Works if the storm drain is completely plugged.

Corvallis resident Dave Butler went down to the riverbank on Monday, and he said he is ready for whatever comes next.

"Maybe we'll get spring here one of these days so we can go back to gardening and lawn mowing and the things we would rather be doing right now," Butler said to KEZI.

The city of Corvallis has set up five free sandbag sites across the city, however, residents need to bring their own shovels.

According to KEZI, on Highway 228 west of Brownsville, residents are already dealing with the floodwaters firsthand. Phillip Lawson works at the 76 gas station and lives on the property. He said water is right up against his trailer and said his boss has put him up in a hotel room until the water recedes.

"I don't mind it. We need the weather, we need the wetness," Lawson said to KEZI. "Right now it's a little too much, but nothing we can control you know."

Officials with the Brownsville Rural Fire Protection District said they have not seen any major flooding hit homes and are urging residents to use caution.