Apr 28, 2020

Storm Water Tunneling Projects Begins in a Kansas City

A storm water tunneling project has begun near downtown Manhattan, Kansas

storm water drain

A project to improve storm sewer drainage in Manhattan, Kansas is underway.

Crews are currently installing a new concrete storm sewer pipe under the railroad tracks, which is part of a larger project that will include Poyntz Avenue and 6th Street. The project will capture 100 acres of storm water runoff along Poyntz Avenue and Houston Street from 9th Street to 6th Street. 

This is the first phase of a nearly $6.4 million storm sewer drainage improvement project near downtown Manhattan. The project is expected to form a bottleneck to help ensure that storm water has a better path to flow into the river, reported KMAN.

The storm water will be routed through a new 66 inch concrete pipe and the storm sewer will require trenching an average depth of nine feet, according to the city. 

The roadways along the entire alignment may require half to full width reconstruction, reported KSNT. 

Manhattan Storm Water Compliance Engineer Bill Heatherman said it will help address drainage needs in the area. The project will also include associated waterline relocations and adjustments as necessary.

“This is the older, historic part of the city and it’s in the flat part of the river,” said Heatherman to the city. “It was fine for the time, but it never really had great drainage.”

In the event water shutoffs will be required, a contractor will notify residences. Construction will take place in the street to limit the disruption to homes and businesses, according to the city.

The project is expected to take about a year to complete, Heatherman added. 

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