Jan 12, 2018

McCook Reservoir Receives First Rainfall

The newest Chicagoland reservoir, the McCook Reservoir located in Bedford Park, Ill., proved its merit for storm water detention and flood control after a successful first rainfall

McCook Reservoir Chicago's newest storm water reservoir

On Jan. 11, the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago’s (MWRD) McCook Reservoir received its first rainfall since Stage I of the project was completed in early December. According to a release issued by the MWRD, the initial inflow was recorded at 263 million gal of a combination of storm water and snowmelt. 

With a storage capacity of 3.5 billion gal at Stage I, this initial flow just scratched the surface of the McCook Reservoir’s storm water detention capacity. Additionally, storm water captured in the reservoir will be treated at the nearby Stickney Water Reclamation Plant located in Cicero, Ill. Officials consider the first rainfall proof that the system is in working order.

“This first fill reveals a working system that will protect our waterways from untreated water and our streets and basements from flooding,” said MWRD President Mariyana Spyropoulos in a press release.  

Upon completion of Stage II, the reservoir will have a total of 10 billion gal of storage capacity and deliver an estimated total of $143 million per year in flood reduction benefits.

McCook Reservoir first rainMcCook Reservoir first rain

Photos courtesy of MWRD