Storm Capture System Now Available for Modeling

HydroCAD incorporated Oldcastle Precast's concrete Storm Capture Module System into its software

Oldcastle Precast announced its cooperative marketing agreement with HydroCAD Software Solutions, the largest dedicated supplier of hydrology & hydraulics software worldwide.

HydroCAD has incorporated Oldcastle Precast's concrete Storm Capture Module System into its software, which is a computer-aided design tool used by civil engineers, starting with version "HydroCAD 10.00 build 11". Storm Capture, a total storm water management system, has many solutions for detention, retention, treatment and harvesting that involve a combination of many parts designed to solve for storm water management needs.

Storm Capture storm water chambers can be easily modeled with HydroCAD’s storm water modeling system, allowing simplified calculation of the system’s storage and infiltration behavior. The HydroCAD Chamber Wizard also performs automated system layouts and simplifies the process of designing a Storm Capture Module system while meeting specific storage and footprint requirements.

Oldcastle Precast is pleased that the technical modeling capabilities of the “HydroCAD 10.0 build 11” software are available to its clients. This software is user friendly, can be used for both simple and complex projects, and is supported by HydroCAD’s customer service team.


Oldcastle Precast

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