Sep 11, 2013

Storm Water Awareness Week to Provide Free Education

Storm water professionals will present hour-long workshops focused on hands-on learning

Storm Water Awareness Week

This year’s Storm Water Awareness Week will take place Sept. 23 to 27. The week is committed to providing high-quality storm water education free of charge. Storm water community professionals will be presenting one-hour workshops that are heavily focused on hands-on learning in order to provide quality education and practical teaching sessions for those who cannot afford to attend big-business storm water education classes.

If you are in need of storm water education, click here to sign up for a class. 

If you are a storm water professional, you can join in on the festivities by hosting a workshop at your location. Click here for more information. 

Born out of frustration with the present state of expensive storm water education, Storm Water Awareness Week was launched for the first time in September of 2012.  It was started by WGR Southwest Inc., but is a community project in which WGR acts as the host for the website and program development, but is just one of many presenters during the actual event.

For more information about Storm Water Awarnesss week, call 209.334.5363, extension 110, or send an email to [email protected]