Feb 24, 2020

Indiana Contractor to Make Storm Water Improvements

A Crown Point, Indiana contractor accused of dumping waste into regulated wetlands will now be making storm water improvements to a parcel

storm water

The Crown Point, Indiana contractor accused of dumping waste into regulated wetlands on Gary's west side recently bid on an adjoining parcel being sold by the city's Redevelopment Commission. 

William J. Critser of Gary Material Supply, LLC, submitted a $45,000 bid last month on 3.2-acre parcel to the commission, reported KPC News. Critser also happened to be the only bidder.

Critser remained under a 2017 enforcement order with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), in which he agreed to remove the waste from an adjacent property and recreate a wetland there. The commission will be making a full evaluation to make sure everyone is in compliance, reported KPC News.

He has plans to demolish the dilapidated structure on site, make storm water improvements or possibly build a warehouse for equipment storage. 

The felony charges once filed against Critser and his firm for the wetland violations were dismissed in 2014 due to insufficient evidence. As part of the IDEM cleanup order, Critser was not required to admit to any wrongdoing. 

According to IDEM officials, the wetland remediation work has temporarily paused to determine if the proposed remediation will have adverse impacts on two Superfund sites adjacent to Critser's property.

"While the proposed work at GMS would likely help alleviate some of the drainage issues adjacent property owners have experienced, stockpiling and construction on the GMS property could potentially affect remedies in place at the Superfund sites, including shifts in groundwater flow and destruction of monitoring wells," said IDEM.

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