Jan 31, 2020

ASU Research Team to Mitigate Storm Water Effects

An Arizona State University research team is trying to mitigate the effects of storm water. 

storm water runoff

An Arizona State University research team is working with Maricopa County, Arizona, to limit the negative effects of large quantities of storm water. 

The project has achieved silver level certification through the U.S. Green Building Council Sustainable SITES Initiative, reported the State Press. This is the second project in Arizona to be certified and a first for ASU.

The USGBC awards these certifications as a means of protecting natural habitat, keeping open spaces, dealing with rainwater, as well as heat island and light pollution reduction.

The team, called the Hydro Green Infrastructure Lab, is comprised of faculty from the Design School working and the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC). 

Currently, the university has three large-scale water harvesting basins. The main goal of the Hydro Green Infrastructure Lab is to monitor the basins and determine how efficient they are at absorbing and maintaining quantities of water going to the Salt River and other water sources, according to the State Press.

“Under the climate change impact, there is this uncertainty of more extreme and intense weather conditions that will happen more frequently,” said Chingwen Cheng, primary investigator and ASU assistant professor. “I think the GI Lab is really focused on the performance of these basins because we want to be able to see if they're working, when they're working, how they're working and how we can improve them if they aren't working in the way that we want.”

At the FCDMC, soil and plant efficiency is being tested in nine identical basins where water is dumped into each and data is collected to determine which strategies are best to implement, reported the State Press.

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