Jan 17, 2020

Centralia Stream Team Takes on Storm Water

Washington's Centralia Stream Team held its first meeting in five years on Monday Jan. 13, focusing on storm water mitigation. 

storm water runoff

Andrew Elam, from the City of Centralia’s storm water department, led the meeting. The Centralia Stream Team is a volunteer-based group established in 2009 by Kim Ashmore, current Public Works director for the City of Centralia.

When Centralia reached 10,000 people in population size, the city was issued a storm water permit by Ecology, which requires education and outreach within the city regarding storm water in the area. Projects include: trash pickup; replacing missing markers on the catch basin which advise against dumping in the creek; and planting trees along creeks, reported the Daily Chronicle

According to the Daily Chronicle, the goals of education and outreach set by the Ecology are to: build awareness about methods to address and reduce impacts from storm water runoff; reduce or eliminate behaviors and practices that cause or contribute to adverse storm water impacts; and create stewardship opportunities that encourages community engagement in addressing the impacts from storm water runoff.

The blackberry bushes that grow all along China Creek are considered an invasive species and must be removed, reported the Daily Chronicle

“I’m trying to get us back up to where we were five years ago. We’re going to focus on trash pickups, going around and adding markers, and invasive species control,” said Elam. “We focus on China Creek because the majority of Centralia storm water goes directly into the creek.”

The meetings are set to take place every second Wednesday of each month, making the next meeting of the Centralia Stream Team on Feb. 12, 2020 at 6 p.m. at 1100 North Tower Avenue.

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